If you have just typed ‘Find a Psychologist Near Me’ into Google, you may have landed on this webpage. Dr Nicola Ridgeway, ClinPsyD and Dr James Manning ClinPsyD both operate virtual appointments via Zoom. If you are finding it difficult to locate a physical psychologist near you, the next best solution might be to meet one of our clinical psychologist virtually, via Zoom.

Find a psychologist near me. Have you ever thought about making a Zoom appointment with a psychologist. Our psychologists regularly use Zoom and find that virtual sessions can help just as much as meeting people in person.
Our psychologists offer virtual appointments via Zoom on a regular basis

Dr James Manning and Dr Nicola Ridgeway have extensive experience in offering online sessions and have discovered that in most cases therapy can work just as efficiently as a meeting in person. So, if you are finding it difficult to locate a London Psychologist, a Manchester Psychologist or indeed a psychologist based in any area of the country, as long as you have access to a good internet line, we can help you. We can also offer telephone appointments if required.

We are registered to offer psychological therapies with major insurance companies, BUPA, and AVIVA. Just telephone your insurer, give them the name of one of our psychologists, either Dr James Manning or Dr Nicola Ridgeway, our hometown (Bury St Edmunds) and your insurer will quickly find us on their data base. If you are looking to fund your sessions privately, this is something that we can also arrange. Payments for sessions are usually paid directly to our bank account, (details supplied on enquiry). Card payments over the telephone can be taken if this is preferable to you.

Our psychologists have found that many distressing psychological difficulties can be resolved online, for example, work-related stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, OCD, even post-traumatic stress. We discovered during the Covid epidemic that even emotional processing approaches such as EMDR can be used online with high degrees of success. If you would like to discover more about either Dr Nicola Ridgeway or Dr James Manning, click on their name and this will take you to a page where you can discover more about them.

Finding a psychologist near me does no longer needs to be as difficult as before or involve stressful travelling. We can usually offer an initial assessment appointment online within a  week to 10 days. (Appointments can often be arranged slightly more rapidly as there is no necessity to book a room for physical meetings.)